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Eastern Counties and Kensington Cat Club combined show 9th July 2015

Kernmere Spiritinthesky (British Blue)- was awarded C.C. in both shows.

Midland Counites Show 12th April 2015

Kernmere Starsnstripes (Silver Tabby) - won 1st and Best of Breed in his kitten class

Kernmere Spiritinthesky (British Blue)- won 1st and BoB in her class, she was also entered in the Shorthaired Cat Society show same day and venue and was placed 1st and BoB and won all side classes, then went on to win Best British Kitten

South-West British Shorthair show at Exeter 28th March 2015

Champion Kernmere Dillydally - gained her 3rd Grand Challenge certificate, making her a Grand Champion


Kernmere Cats

Kernmere Dancing Flame - gained Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed and also was entered into the Kernow show same day and gained CC and BoB in that show as well


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